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Narian Technologies has been at the forefront of NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology for over 10 years.  NFC is the next great mobile technology, now being integrated on the Flagship Phones of all major US Carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. 

Narian Technologies is considered one of the innovators in NFC or Near Field Communication Technology for over a decade. It offers NFC Mobile Retail Services to Small, Mid-size, and Enterprise Level Retailers in 22 countries. The offerings include a variety of Patented and Patent Pending NFC Technologies that allow real time interaction between

consumer and retail employees, while in the retail location, as well as enhancing the customers shopping experience. The core products are Narian Service, Narian Line, Narian Entrance, Narian Communicator, and Narian Media. These core products design focus is human behavior and human interaction. They address customer service needs in 16 unique retail market types including Restaurants, Clothing, Big Box, Grocery Supermarket, Pharmacy, Hotel Resort, and more. As well as addressing the needs of 23 unique service markets including doctors offices, law firms, public transport, and more.

Currently available for commercial use in the United States, and limited commercial use outside the US, within select global markets including UK, France, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Korea, and more.

Narian is mostly known for its retail services portfolio, but also has patented offerings including vending, medical prescription, and more.

Narian’s additionally has consulting arm, that has advised companies ranging from start-ups to enterprise, on mobile technologies, NFC, business development, and revenue/product design and initiation within those areas. Companies advised by Narian include 5th largest bank in the world, largest security company in the world, 2nd largest restaurant distributor in the world, second largest hotel resort chain in the world, two hedge funds, and many more.

Narian as well, has initiated a grassroots movement known as NFC4ALL, and offers a Free Online NFC Application Creator, designed to allow the average person to create mashups of nearly two dozen advanced NFC Mobile Services. The purpose of this movement is to generate excitement around new and unique ways for people to use NFC in their daily lives.

Narian Service

An innovative new approach to enchancing your real time control of employees, as well as new interactive live services for your customers, when they are most likely to buy, which is while in your retail location.  With complete customization capability, easy to integrate and secure employee access.

Narian Entrance

The non-sequential line. Retailers have always recognized this as a problem, but no hope of solution, till now.  Whether its to create more efficient access to your staff, or removing the possibilities of walk away customers, this fully customizable service can transform your business.

Narian Line

The sequential line.  Isn’t it time that the dreaded take-a-number system get a modern, smarter upgrade?  What if you could offer your customers a way to stay in line, with out having to wait in line, but with intelligence that gives the customer freedom, and no need to rush back, with time to spare.  Waiting in line is now Smarter.

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NFC or Near Field Communication was created nearly a decade ago by Sony Electronics and NXP(Philips Semiconductors).  It is already all around us, in payment, transit, access contorl, and so much more.